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Geodomes by Blue Mountanya.

Blue Mountanya-The Resort is looking to create new and exciting ways to enhance our guest experience at our property. Our newest venture includes adding Luxury Eco-Geodomes for our guests to stay in and we can’t wait!

What are Geodomes?

First, lets go into what an eco-dome is! Eco-geodomes are hemispherical thin-shell structure (lattice-shell) based on a geodesic polyhedron. The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout the structure, making geodesic domes able to withstand very heavy loads for their size. These domes have come a long way in terms of what and how they can be used since their inception in 1926. Most notably over the last 5-10 years they have been used for glamping. What is glamping? Glamping is a new way to camp! Specifically, it’s glamorous-camping that allows for you to still be in nature but with all the elements of a high-end hotel.

Geo Domes by Blue Mountanya will be our eco-series glamping units with all the amenities of home (electricity, a real bed, a roof over your head) combined with access to nature. Our series of geodesic domes are environmentally conscious as well as luxurious.

How are our Geodomes environmentally conscious?

How are our geodomes going to be environmentally sound? The geodome design is arguably the only structure that is naturally capable of existing in every climate on Earth, from Antarctica to the Saharan desert. Its structure is one of the most energy efficient interior atmospheres possible for human dwelling because air and energy (namely, heat) circulate without obstruction. Thus, heating and cooling a geo dome is extremely efficient regardless of environment. Additionally, a geodesic dome is made of a pattern of triangles resulting in a great structural strength while using the least material possible and due to the size and placement of our geo domes, they will be constructed with minimal effect to the natural environment. For reference, view our diagram below.

What kind of amenities will our Geodomes have?

Our luxury Geodomes will be without want, they are 24ft in diameter with a king size bed, a full restroom, kitchenette, and high-speed internet. You will be able to lounge in the comfort of your own bed while gazing up at an unfiltered sky of stars. Or you can sit outside on your own personal deck area and enjoy a glass of wine and the all-encompassing sounds, smells, and sights that the mountains and forest have to offer. 

Example of Geodome for reference

When will our Geodomes be available to rent?

They will be ready to rent fall/winter 2022 and we can’t wait!

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